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Sierra Development

Sierra Development was established to provide The Riverside Company portfolio companies access to highly trained and low-cost software development resources

This model has been in use for over three years with outstanding results. Sierra Development uses the staff augmentation model in which teams are assembled to augment your existing organization. Sierra Development owns and operates SD Global Service

Sierra Development

Strategic Partners

A wide range of Portfolio Companies we serve

Sierra Development proudly delivers products and services to Riverside's portfolio companies. Here are a few companies partnering with SD Global Services with many more to join.

SD Global Services
India & US Based Available Resources

India-based Shared Resources

Facility Management

India-based Dedicated Resources

Delivery Manager
Business Analysts Programmers
Solution Architects
Quality Assurance
Technical Writers
Project Management

US-based Ad Hoc Resources

Delivery Manager
Data Science

Staff Augmentation

We provide facility, connectivity, HR and administrative services to achieve cost savings and speed to market. We work with you to build a custom team of highly skilled technical professionals to align with your technology stack and SDLC policies.

Staff Augmentation
Software Product Development

Software Product Development

Sierra is the ideal solution for both new development and ongoing software maintenance activity that needs to be delivered quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively.

Project Management, Engineering, Security, And Compliance

Project Management, Engineering, Security, And Compliance

Sierra employees have extensive backgrounds to provide expertise in the software development projects.

Data Science

Data Science

We provide expert resources to assist you in identifying opportunities of value through Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.

Our Team

We have over 30 years of software development experience

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