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Sierra Development works with a growing number of Riverside Company portfolio companies. These Riverside companies represent diverse industries, from financial services, healthcare, education and more.

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Chorus Compliance

SC Labs has been setting the bar with industry-leading, science-based innovations in cannabis and hemp-specific testing since 2010. When SC Labs saw how its clients were struggling with compliance challenges, Chorus Compliance was created. Combining extensive cannabis sector knowledge with deep expertise in software development and government auditing, Chorus is a smart solution that helps retailers, dispensaries, and delivery services achieve and maintain regulatory compliance.


ToolWatch is the construction industry's first and most comprehensive operations management platform. For 30 years ToolWatch has helped leaders from construction and other industries across the globe manage their tool and material inventories, field and warehouse logistics, and safety programs. Easy to use and delivered through a powerful cloud-based platform, ToolWatch provides fast and secure access to real-time operations data that helps its customers reduce risk and run their businesses more efficiently, more cost-effectively and more profitably.


ESHA’s suite of nutritional software products, services, and databases are recognized as the industry’s top choice for food and supplement formulation, recipe development, labeling, nutritional analysis, and regulatory compliance.

At ESHA we strive to provide our customers with the best technical, nutrition, and regulatory support.


Codifi provides field data management (FDM) as-a-service to make it easy to collect, protect, connect, and manage irreplaceable field data.

Collect the right data the first time, every time, and preserve it for all time. Codifi takes the guesswork out of fieldwork.


HydroCorp is dedicated to protecting public and private water supply systems from the dangers of backflow, legionella, and other hazards. Water purveyors, commercial, industrial and health care facilities, and government agencies all rely on HydroCorp’s expertise to protect their drinking water, reduce their exposure, and improve their regulatory compliance.

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