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Sierra Development works with a growing number of Riverside Company portfolio companies. These Riverside companies represent diverse industries, from financial services, healthcare, education and more.

SD Global Services

Kasasa is an award-winning financial technology and marketing services company that provides reward checking accounts consumers love, the first ever loan with take-backs™, and ongoing expert consulting services to community financial institutions.

SC Labs

Build your reputation and grow your business by partnering with the largest multi-state cannabis and hemp testing experts.

Modern Hire

Modern Hire is the all-in-one enterprise hiring platform that enables organizations to continuously improve hiring results through more personalized, data-driven experiences for candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers. The Modern Hire platform merges trusted science with proven SaaS technology to predict performance, ensure fairness, and automate workflow—enterprise-wide. It combines AI, predictive analytics, workflow automation, assessment, and interviewing technology in a single SaaS solution that integrates with leading HCM systems. Trusted by 47 of the Fortune 100, Modern Hire transforms each step of the hiring process, from post-apply to hire and beyond.


ToolWatch is the construction industry's first and most comprehensive operations management platform. For 30 years ToolWatch has helped leaders from construction and other industries across the globe manage their tool and material inventories, field and warehouse logistics, and safety programs. Easy to use and delivered through a powerful cloud-based platform, ToolWatch provides fast and secure access to real-time operations data that helps its customers reduce risk and run their businesses more efficiently, more cost-effectively and more profitably.


ESHA’s suite of nutritional software products, services, and databases are recognized as the industry’s top choice for food and supplement formulation, recipe development, labeling, nutritional analysis, and regulatory compliance.

At ESHA we strive to provide our customers with the best technical, nutrition, and regulatory support.


Codifi is more than just software, it is an ecological approach to data and media management built expressly for the demands of cultural and environmental resources. Over the past 25 years, we have come to realize that an effective system for digital heritage management needs a “from the ground up” rethinking. There is a reason why, by our estimation, well over 90% of our industry is still fully paper-based. It is a very difficult challenge to overcome. But we are getting there.

With ever-changing technologies, recording policies, breakthroughs in methodologies, in an increasingly competitive vertical market, it is no wonder that a concentrated, vested effort to “solve paperless” has not been achieved until now. We believe that until we change the industry, there needs to be an organization solely dedicated to servicing it. We are that company.

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